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Additional Needs at Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark Nursery:
Statement Regarding Services Relating to Children with Additional Needs.

Noah’s Ark is a mainstream nursery, but with provision for children who may have additional needs. The Nursery has a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and Inclusion officer. (INCO).

The requirements of a child with additional needs will be discussed with the parents and other professionals who may be working with the child to decide if the nursery would fit the needs of that child.

The Nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Children’s progress is monitored using observations within the setting. Children with additional needs are identified through being observed by the practitioners working with them, particularly their key worker. Once additional needs have been identified, the Key Worker will discuss them with the child’s parents.

Parents who have concerns about any additional needs their child has can raise their concerns with the Child’s Key Worker and the SENCO/INCO.

Once concerns about a child have been raised and identified, a joint plan between the relevant practitioners in the setting and the parents/carers can be established to enable the best possible course of action to be put in place.

When a child has been identified as having additional needs, the setting SENCO/INCO will refer the child to the relevant professional relating to the need. The SENCO/INCO will oversee the plans and, alongside the Key Worker, liaise with outside professionals and parents to support the child in the best way possible.

At Noah’s Ark, we have had a broad range experience of children with additional needs. Through the child’s progress reports in the EYFS, and feedback from outside professionals, we are able to see that the Nursery’s provision for Children with additional needs is effective.

All children at Noah’s Ark are treated as individuals, and their development plans are tailored to their personal ability in each area of learning. Children with additional needs will have a plan that is reflective of their abilities after discussion with parents and other professionals working with the child.

Parents are always welcome to discuss their child’s progress with the relevant nursery practitioners. In addition, the Key Workers will regularly share the progress reports with parents when they are updated, and when other professionals are involved.

Before children start in the setting, their individual needs will be discussed with parents to establish a care plan and any additional support they may require.

The setting INCO/SENCO regularly attends training and forums to keep updated with strategies and legislation relating to children with additional needs.

The nursery has good contact with outside agencies to support them with children with additional needs ie the local authority, Portage, Outreach teams and Children Centres.

At Noah’s Ark, we like to take the children out into the local community for walks and visits to local amenities. The needs of individual children are assessed with each outing, to enable children with additional needs to participate in walks and trips out alongside their mainstream peers.

The Nursery is all on one level, with ramp access to all outside areas. For children with a physical disability, the practitioners will discuss with the parents the needs and equipment required for that child to ensure they have full access to all areas.

Once a parent has decided to put their child in the setting, we offer pre-visits where the parents are invited to stay with their child to help settle them.

Prior to the child starting, the Key Worker will work with the parents to decide the level and type of support in each area the child will need. This is constantly reviewed and updated.

Noah’s Ark hold events throughout the year where we invite parents to attend and take part in nursery occasions. We also hold parents evenings throughout the year.

The Nursery Manager and Deputy Manager are the first point of contact when enquiring about a place in the settling, and are always available to discuss anything with parents. Once a parent has decided to put their child in the settling, the Key Worker and SENCO/INCO will liaise with parents.

If you would like any further information please contact the nursery.