Noah's Ark Nursery

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Facilities at Noah's Ark

At Noah's Ark we try to teach children, by example, to be honest, respectful and caring.

Children are encouraged to respect other people's feelings, differences and property, also to remember their manners - particularly at mealtimes! Meals are all freshly cooked on the premises, and a well-balanced diet is provided. Nutritious and additive-free (as far as possible, these days!), we offer plenty of variety to keep mealtimes interesting. Obviously, we are willing to cater for special dietary requirements of individual children.

Noah's Ark is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday, except for bank holidays and the Christmas week. We care for children from 1 to 5 years in a family atmosphere that only a smaller nursery can offer. We have fully qualified and experienced staff who are enthusiastic carers.

  • Flexible session times for both funded and non funded children.
  • Easy access off the A27.
  • Extensive free car park.
  • Set in parkland away from busy roads with access to the South Downs, fields and woodland.
  • Secure, enclosed, private walled garden.
  • Covered outdoor area for all weather outdoor play.
  • Seperate sleep/sensory room.
  • 3 meals plus snacks provided.
  • All meals prepared and cooked on the premises.
  • All dietry requirements catered for.
  • Easy access toilets and bathroom to encourage self care independence for all ages/abilities.
  • Participation in local community events.
  • Children's birthdays made personal to each child, ie birthday cake, activities geared towards individual child's interests.


Just part of the expansive enclosed garden at Noah's Ark
The quiet room in Noah's Ark

Children engrossed in activities at Noah's Ark

 Parachute Games on the field at Noah's Ark

 Our delightful covered, boarded outside play area